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International Women's Day

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157 Stafford Avenue | Brunswick, GA 31525


International Women's Day Celebration





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Authoress, KMoniquè

Keci Moniquè is an authoress, life and Affinity for Love (relationship coach), serial entrepreneur, host of the ROCK Your Girl Power Podcast, wife, mother, and Mimi. She provides in person and virtual coaching services for relationships with paramours, family, self, and more. Sign up and schedule your session today.
For A MomentPraz Khanal
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Cherie Alston

Cherie is a resident of Brunswick, Georgia, and a native of Darien, Georgia. She is a Professional Educator with more than 10 years’ experience. Cherie has spent more than 20 years priming and primping our babies for tomorrow’s world. She is a Motivational Speaker, Aspiring Authoress, and Founder of Princesses & Pearls. Cherie is a wife of more than 25 years, a mother of four and a GiGi to two awesome grandbabies.
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Zion the Light

BIO Coming Soon...

Raven Alston

Raven is a native of Darien, Georgia. She is a loving mother, hard worker, and amazing songstress. She is engaged to be married and will be a phenomenal wife.
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Why Women's Fellowship?

ROCK Your Girl Power’s Women's Fellowship aims to help women deepen their faith, walk with Christ and understanding of their God-given purpose. The goal is to support, encourage and nurture in an environment where women can share their joys and challenges, seek guidance, and receive emotional and spiritual support from one another.

Our Women's Fellowship will host social events and gatherings to promote friendship and bonding among members. The social events can include Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner, retreats, and other outreach and community activities.

Our Women’s Fellowship promotes Leadership and EmpowHERment based on Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.

The ultimate goal of our Women's Fellowship is to strengthen the spiritual and social bonds in Christ Jesus among women within the community and globally while also contributing positively through servanthood and outreach initiatives.

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