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Dear Future Husband

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Desire for marriage varies greatly from person to person, and it is not limited to women alone. People of all genders have different motivations and expectations when it comes to marriage. 6 Week Preamble: During the 6 Week Preamble, we will be discussing, defining, creating, and writing the vision. This is a requirement for the asynchronous work that is due each week for class. Health & Healing Commitment Love and Romance Family and Children Emotional Security Financial Security Mission, Vision & Values Legal and Practical Benefits Personal Growth & Development Spiritual Beliefs Social Support It's essential to remember that not all women desire marriage, and personal motivations can vary widely. Some may prioritize independence, career, or other personal goals over marriage. The desire for marriage is a deeply personal choice influenced by individual experiences, values, and circumstances. Supplies Needed: Dear Future Husband Textbook Dear Future Husband Workbook and Journal eBooks (TBA)

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Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband

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