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ROCK Your Girl Power

Welcome to Girl Power. We are the bad and Boujeè Boss Ladies on a phenomenal journey to help you discover your power passion and purpose at the convergence of love romance and finance. I’m your host, Keci Monique along with my co-host Curtiesha, Cherie, and Christian. Girl Power is a movement to EmpowHER girls and young women and emancipate their minds from old to new through The ABC's of self-love.

Abstinence: abstaining from behaviors that keep you in repeating cycles of relationships and life. Genesis 50:20

Beauty: WOMAN, know thyself, take care of thyself, and protect thyself from predators of life. Jeremiah 29:11 & Isaiah 61:1-3

Confidence: Build your confidence so that you build self-equity and value to who you are. Ephesians 3:20


Join us every Sunday at 9 AM Eastern daylight time for a half hour a Girl Power. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE

Empowered to Be Her!


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